Saturday, December 12, 2009

show recap

I am getting ready to head out to Lincolnton and my final craft show of the year. I thought I would take a minute to recap Christmas in Davidson from last week. No pictures, just been too busy to even pick up my camera.

Christmas in Davidson. It was cold most nights, rainy Saturday during the day but cleared (and got real cold) for Saturday night. The show was from 6-9 pm on Thurs, Fri & Sat. Friday night was very busy, the other 2 were just so-so for us. I over planned (as usual) for my premade items. I sold some but have a lot of stock left over. Setting up and tearing down each night was a pain but doable.

  • Hannah does not do well in the cold.
  • I really need to take off the weekend before a large show - just too much to do in too little time.
  • My fingers are in terrible shape from all the woodworking
  • My house is pretty filthy right now
  • The lighting was terrible - probably the worst part of the show for me.
  • Adults cannot make a decision.
  • Children however can. They pick what they like and are done.
  • I had many repeat customers from earlier shows
All in all I am glad I did it. Not sure I would do it again. Three days in a row is alot, the lighting was terrible and the weather easily could have cancelled the show. But then again.......