Wednesday, January 30, 2008


• It is finally warming up here. Around 50 which is a little below normal. But we are glad to have it back!

• Tiger got beat up by a squirrel on Friday. But he won, since we found the dead squirrel at the back door. Still, he seemed tramatized and he spent all day Saturday in the garage and would not come out of his bed, even to eat. Wimp.

• I need new tires on my car....seems like it was just 30,000 miles ago that I got new ones. Wait, it was.

• We discovered that when we head to Disney in June it will be in the middle of "gay days". Not sure if we really want to get in the middle of that. Maybe Sea World will be better?

• Hannah has basketball on Saturday at 1:30 then Cotillion at 4. It will be a run around day for sure! Game, shower, dance. Chris has to go for the last 1/2 hour and learn her dances with her. Think I can sneak a camera in??

• We have a 3' by 20' layer of cork on the basement floor. Now only about 33 more to go.

• Think I've made a decision on a new washer and dryer? Nope. But close. But I guess new tires come first in line.

That about sums it up!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

design remix...

We have redone the redo on Hannah's room. What that means is that we took her existing animal print stuff, added some new things and put it all back in her room. No more blue butterflies. She is getting too old for that. Anyway we added a white comforter so it was not so dark and removed the white bed netting and replaced it with red shears. Here is the final version:

And over her bed - added a black framed bulletin board so she can change the print out as desired. Right of grandads safari images.

Friday was furniture shopping day for us. Looking for chairs, tables, sideboards, lamps and washer/dryers. We went to broyhill, bernhardt, kincaid and lazyboy factory stores. Then to the furniture mart where there is about 350 stores. Then back to bernhardt and broyhill. Then to sears. We bought 2 chairs and 3 tables. Here is hannah trying out the chairs in Bernardt:

Then Sat. we went back to pick up our finds. We then proceeded to buy 2 nightstands for the spare room and 3 lamps for the living room.

And here is our schtuff in the living room:

Another view showing our gorgeous built ins (and a bunch of junk pulled from the old):

Next in line.....deciding on a washer/dryer.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i am a wuss...

Did I spell that right? Wuss? Hmmm....not woss, not wuzz.... must be right. Anyway, I freely admit that I no longer like the cold and am wussy.

It has cooled down here. It was in the 40's yesterday! Yikes, I just wanted to stay in the house by the fire.

I remember when we first moved here....I would laugh at everyone whining about how cold it was when the temperatures dropped below 50. Now I am one of them. And I readily admit it.

This morning when we woke up it was snowing. Well, when Chris got up. It turned to rain at 5am so by the time I got up, it was rain.

Hannah had a friend spend the night so I was relieved of the "lets go out and play in the snow and freezing rain" duty. They are out for the second time this morning and this is what it looks like out - and yes, it is that dreary looking out:

Right now they are mad because Chris and I will not let them shovel snow off the street. Too dangerous around here.

in other news....
Tomorrow we are going out again to look at living room chairs. To Hickory this time. If we cannot find anything we will order a couple of these which are super comfy and rather afordable. But they take 6 weeks to get:

And while we are there we'll look at washers and dryers too. Because that is really what is needed most right now.

And hannah has asked we re-do her room. She was tired of the butterfly decor - too little girl for her. She wanted to return to the animal print - just not so overwhelmingly printy.

We are calling it design remix. Using what we already have. We are getting good at it - so far she was butterfly, then animal print, then back to butterfly and now animal print again.

So I got a white comforter and some red sheers for accents. All done except she wants some sort of picture over her bed. Photos to come soon. After it is picked up from the sleepover last night.

And I have informed her that I am not longer sewing curtins for her room. I spend hours sewing them then she wants something new in 6 months. Tough luck girlie, I am done.

But I do understand the desire to change up your room and feel like it is more "you". So I am willing to change and redecorate as long as she does not expect to spend a ton each time. So far - the butterfly quilt was $25 and the zebra was $30 so we have been pretty conservative. With the new white comforter she can change the pillows, add a throw and it can change.

Off to heat up lunch for the artic explorers. Happy snow day all!

Monday, January 07, 2008

in the basement...

couple of pictures....the toe kick will go on after the cork is laid down..

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...and a happy new year....

Goodness! It is 2008! Happy New Year to all!

Hannah and I met Julie halfway today -at a mall in south Charlotte. We did some shopping, gabbing, had a little lunch. Lots of fun but three hours is never enough. BTW, Julie is looking good!

Chris finished up with the basement kitchen today. Tile is grouted, sink is plumbed, appliances are installed, door hardware is on and the pendant lights are hung. Looks very very good. I will try to post a picture.....need to clean it up first.

Next in line is the cork floor for the basement. That means moving the couch and the air hockey table into the kitchen/rec area to open up one area completely. And the treadmill will probably be squeezed into the exercise room - ok as long as the tv goes too. Still diggin' watching my rented tv shows while on the treadmill. We are excited to be getting the basement close to finished. Of course, the cork floor will take a while. There is almost 2000 square feet to do. Adhesive in the floor, on the cork, dry to glazed, lay together, roll. Then seal when done. Lots to do.

Living room is now finished with construction....just need to finish purchasing furniture and getting the curtins sewn for it. Looking good.

So it sounds like 2008 is a year to finish house projects for Chris. He would like to get done and live in it/use it for a while.

happy new year to all!