Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas....

We had a great day! First - hannah was not allowed up before 6:45. Chris was up around 5:30, I got up at 6am. So we had time for coffee and the paper!!!

Hannah was super excited about the ipod.

Then came the photo printer - super cool But how did nana and grandad know I had a digital camera. Uh, remember our trip out to Bend??? Oh, yeah. Then came a happy dance just because she was getting such cool stuff. Then there is the picture opening the ipod boom box. That is a scream of delight actually.

It was a great day. Finally, there is the picture of hannah's little ipod and mommy's big ipod. We are ipod girls!

And just wait till Uncle Jime and Aunt Kris present arrive - she will love that. Actually, after opening the ipod she was hoping there was an idog somewhere under the tree....

Merry Christmas all and thanks for making this so special. Hannah loved every present she got!

And yes, that is a big ol smoosh cut on hannah's nose. That was a christmas accident at mamaw's and papaw's house!

Friday, December 22, 2006

first day of christmas break....

Hannah came home from school on Wed and promptly arranged a sleepover at Catherines. Chris picked her up Thurs and took her to a birthday party. One hour later - I got a call that she was feeling crummy.
A nasty head cold has hit her hard.

So today.....baking cookies, hair cut, movies in front of the fire, rainy ucky day outside, warm and cozy inside.

Tomorrow - to Lexington for the Fritts Family Christmas. I had better get cooking and baking.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a REALLY big day....

So today was a really big day for Miss Hannah. First - she was Principal for the Day at school. A big deal. She did the morning announcements, ran the fire drill, observed and evaluated classes, filed attendance reports, went off campus to lunch. Whew. Big day.

When i picked her up - it was all smiles. Everyone was asking her how it was, what did she do, how did it go.

A super big thanks to everyone who contributed to the fundraiser! Thanks so much - it was a really great day.

Second - she had a belt ceremony at TKD. She went up one belt from white to yellow. Good Job. It was quite exciting - hoping to have passed the testing. Here she is with her instructor, Erich, who is a black belt.

All in all, quite the big day.

moved my blog...

I decided to move my blog to this site. Why? At the old site, it would not allow me to edit the blog without lots of words and letters shifting. Also, I could not wrap text. So, since this site is free also, I have switched. Please change any bookmarks you might be using for the blog. And since there are only about 5 people that even look at my blog.....should not be too tough.
Thanks all.