Monday, December 25, 2006

merry christmas....

We had a great day! First - hannah was not allowed up before 6:45. Chris was up around 5:30, I got up at 6am. So we had time for coffee and the paper!!!

Hannah was super excited about the ipod.

Then came the photo printer - super cool But how did nana and grandad know I had a digital camera. Uh, remember our trip out to Bend??? Oh, yeah. Then came a happy dance just because she was getting such cool stuff. Then there is the picture opening the ipod boom box. That is a scream of delight actually.

It was a great day. Finally, there is the picture of hannah's little ipod and mommy's big ipod. We are ipod girls!

And just wait till Uncle Jime and Aunt Kris present arrive - she will love that. Actually, after opening the ipod she was hoping there was an idog somewhere under the tree....

Merry Christmas all and thanks for making this so special. Hannah loved every present she got!

And yes, that is a big ol smoosh cut on hannah's nose. That was a christmas accident at mamaw's and papaw's house!