Thursday, September 27, 2007

this makes me happy

off of my to-do summer duvet cover ... now that it is fall...
Happy = off my to do list

a bunch of baby hand puppets waiting to be sold....10 down, 20 to go.
Happy = well started on this project and aren't they cute??

and ironing table....extra large ironing area for ironing my curtins....which are still in process ......and ain't it cool - 30" x 60" (1/2" gatorfoam with 2 layers of cotton batting then a layer of "ironing board" reflective material, stapled on the back then a layer of non-skid schtuff! So cool!
Happy = concept ---->reality = cool

Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

camper photos...

We are pretty happy with it. Hannah had a sleepover in it last night - says it works just great! Went out at 8:30 to watch a movie, they played college dorm room all night, went to bed at 10pm and got up at 6am. I think this is her new playroom. Not.

In the backyard with both beds popped out. The entry door is at the rear and the awning covers about the entire side (not pulled out, too many trees). Trailer length with beds in is about 21'.

From the rear looking to the front queen bed. The couch on the left is a slide out, the dinette on the right folds to a bed if needed.

From the dinette looking to the back bed. On the right is fridge then wardrobe then bathroom. You can see the back queen bed at the very end. On the left is the kitchen with drawers, sink, microwave and oven. One of the reasons we choose this camper was for the long counter space.

A long view from the door, the back bed is behind me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is cleaning day. So I am procrastinating.

We got the camper yesterday. Got to the lot at 10:00am. Did a walkthru/orientation till 12:30. Made a list of needs/want to be fixed on it. Paid for it, went to lunch, hung out. They finished at 4pm.

Hannah gets home from school at 3:45. She was warned that we MIGHT NOT be home when she got there and boy was she excited. Her first time ever coming home from school and being on her own. So I was not whacked out that it was 4pm and we were still on the camper lot. Just slightly out of whack - LOL.

Came home and it took hours to level out the camper in our backyard - that gently sloping giant hill/mountain that we live on.

Finally finished up at 7pm!

But the camper looks good. We had them repair the couch, oven was not working, couple of stops for the beds were stripped, a light was out, some edging was loose, some velcro was loose, the outside hose bib was replaced, the hitch needed a ball caps, the stabilizers needed feet, etc...

A lot of little stuff for a used camper and they fixed it all. No questions. Pictures to follow - but right now I have to go and clean my house.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fall + projects

I believe it is officially fall here in NC. We have been having hot, dry mid 90's weather for weeks now. Then on Friday we had rain. And on Saturday it was fall.
We are mid-70's this week - a good 20 degrees less than before. And that feeling is in the air. The feel of FALL!

And fall brings me to my fall project list.
First - my comforter. That is the new summer duvet cover I bought. The one i had to have and could only find on ebay. The one that came and did not look like I thought it would. After careful consideration, I have decided to keep it. I need to alter it a little to fit my existing comforter but it won't take much and a good ironing. So, first up - get my summer comforter on the bed. Just in time for fall.

Second - we are picking up the camper tomorrow. That will be a fall project all on its own. Bedding, arranging, cleaning, camping, etc... Lots to do.

Third - window treatments for the breakfast area. My walls are looking bare and it is starting to bother me. So I have finally found some material I like, talked with a friend that makes treatments for a living and got some advice - and I am ready to roll. Just have to make my pattern so i have all the measurements. Cutting is always the hard part for me.

Fourth - hand puppets. For the church craft sale. I have not made anything to sell for the past few years. And Julie showed me these fleece hand puppets for babies that were so cute. Heck, I can do that. So I am making hand puppets. Julie gave me the patterns and some fleece and I am ready to go. But somehow mine are not looking quite as good as hers....but Chris says they just look handmade and not to worry. Hmmmmmm.....maybe they will get better as I go along.

So- off to my projects and I will post camper pictures when it is set up in the backyard!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

minor news....

We had an entire day of light rain yesterday - the first day of rain in I do not know how long. Everything looks a little perkier today. The grass said "Aaaahhhh".
But the lake is up 1/10th of a foot - still down by 6.1 feet. We will be needing us a few tropical storms to get it going again.

We did not pick up the camper on Friday - Chris had to cancel. So we are shooting for Wed of next week. So my weekend is now free. Maybe I should work on sewing some breakfast room curtins....

Hannah wrote an article to try out for the school newspaper. Unfortunately she waited till the very last minute.....due on Friday and and she sat down at 8pm Thurs. She typed it all up then hit something wrong and it crashed. Tears and more tears. Up early Friday to type it again but it was a real rush job and it was not her best work. So we will see if she makes it. Hopefully she will remember and if somethign is important, not wait till the last minute. We'll see.

Kids consignment sale last night and today. I bought every pair of 12 slim jeans there. 11 pairs. And 5 fit well, 2 were a little short and 4 she just cannot use. So 7 pairs for about $50. Not bad.

And now I do not have to take her jean shopping in the fall - I hate jean shopping. I do back to school shopping when it cools down. Right now she is wearing jean shorts from old jeans that we cut off and cuffed. So we will shop for shirts and shoes - that is grueling enough.

And next week, they are calling for temperatures in the 70's! Whoa, fall is almost here. I would like to say goodbye to the 90's for awhile....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

no more lets go camping

The lake levels have been really dropping here and the lake is getting low. We are dropping about 1/10th of a foot per day and are currently down 6.1 feet from full pond. This means, as of Saturday, we can no longer get our boat off the lift. And unless we get some major rain, it will be staying that way for a while. Unfortunately, fall is our favorite time to get out on the lake - little traffic, fall colors, cooler weather.

Here is our dock on Sunday:To keep us busy this fall, we have gone out and bought a camper. It is a 2004 23ft. hybrid travel trailer - this means a hard sided camper with a bed on each end that folds out. This way, instead of 1 bed plus a couch and dinette that turn into beds, we will have 2 queen beds plus the couch and dinette. It also has a slide out couch, bathroom and nice kitchen area. It is currently in clean up, fixup, repair it mode at the dealer and we will pick it up on Friday am. The plan is to park it in the backyard for sanitizing and cleaning then head out on free weekends thru October. Then we will park it at a storage yard till spring. Next summer - watch out folks - here we come! I will post pictures when we get it here - the ones from the dealer are ucky.

And tonight - open house at hannah's middle school. We will finally be able to go in and see the brand new school!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

it's always in the dark of the night...

Last night:

10:41 pm - beep

10:52 pm - beep

{kick kick} 'did you hear that"


the smoke alarms are beeping every 11 minutes

and you woke me for that?

10:54 pm - beep Okay, I heard that...
10:56 pm - beep
10:58 pm - beep
10:59 pm - new battery installed

Disaster averted.