Saturday, September 15, 2007

minor news....

We had an entire day of light rain yesterday - the first day of rain in I do not know how long. Everything looks a little perkier today. The grass said "Aaaahhhh".
But the lake is up 1/10th of a foot - still down by 6.1 feet. We will be needing us a few tropical storms to get it going again.

We did not pick up the camper on Friday - Chris had to cancel. So we are shooting for Wed of next week. So my weekend is now free. Maybe I should work on sewing some breakfast room curtins....

Hannah wrote an article to try out for the school newspaper. Unfortunately she waited till the very last minute.....due on Friday and and she sat down at 8pm Thurs. She typed it all up then hit something wrong and it crashed. Tears and more tears. Up early Friday to type it again but it was a real rush job and it was not her best work. So we will see if she makes it. Hopefully she will remember and if somethign is important, not wait till the last minute. We'll see.

Kids consignment sale last night and today. I bought every pair of 12 slim jeans there. 11 pairs. And 5 fit well, 2 were a little short and 4 she just cannot use. So 7 pairs for about $50. Not bad.

And now I do not have to take her jean shopping in the fall - I hate jean shopping. I do back to school shopping when it cools down. Right now she is wearing jean shorts from old jeans that we cut off and cuffed. So we will shop for shirts and shoes - that is grueling enough.

And next week, they are calling for temperatures in the 70's! Whoa, fall is almost here. I would like to say goodbye to the 90's for awhile....