Tuesday, September 18, 2007

fall + projects

I believe it is officially fall here in NC. We have been having hot, dry mid 90's weather for weeks now. Then on Friday we had rain. And on Saturday it was fall.
We are mid-70's this week - a good 20 degrees less than before. And that feeling is in the air. The feel of FALL!

And fall brings me to my fall project list.
First - my comforter. That is the new summer duvet cover I bought. The one i had to have and could only find on ebay. The one that came and did not look like I thought it would. After careful consideration, I have decided to keep it. I need to alter it a little to fit my existing comforter but it won't take much and a good ironing. So, first up - get my summer comforter on the bed. Just in time for fall.

Second - we are picking up the camper tomorrow. That will be a fall project all on its own. Bedding, arranging, cleaning, camping, etc... Lots to do.

Third - window treatments for the breakfast area. My walls are looking bare and it is starting to bother me. So I have finally found some material I like, talked with a friend that makes treatments for a living and got some advice - and I am ready to roll. Just have to make my pattern so i have all the measurements. Cutting is always the hard part for me.

Fourth - hand puppets. For the church craft sale. I have not made anything to sell for the past few years. And Julie showed me these fleece hand puppets for babies that were so cute. Heck, I can do that. So I am making hand puppets. Julie gave me the patterns and some fleece and I am ready to go. But somehow mine are not looking quite as good as hers....but Chris says they just look handmade and not to worry. Hmmmmmm.....maybe they will get better as I go along.

So- off to my projects and I will post camper pictures when it is set up in the backyard!!