Tuesday, September 11, 2007

no more boating....so lets go camping

The lake levels have been really dropping here and the lake is getting low. We are dropping about 1/10th of a foot per day and are currently down 6.1 feet from full pond. This means, as of Saturday, we can no longer get our boat off the lift. And unless we get some major rain, it will be staying that way for a while. Unfortunately, fall is our favorite time to get out on the lake - little traffic, fall colors, cooler weather.

Here is our dock on Sunday:To keep us busy this fall, we have gone out and bought a camper. It is a 2004 23ft. hybrid travel trailer - this means a hard sided camper with a bed on each end that folds out. This way, instead of 1 bed plus a couch and dinette that turn into beds, we will have 2 queen beds plus the couch and dinette. It also has a slide out couch, bathroom and nice kitchen area. It is currently in clean up, fixup, repair it mode at the dealer and we will pick it up on Friday am. The plan is to park it in the backyard for sanitizing and cleaning then head out on free weekends thru October. Then we will park it at a storage yard till spring. Next summer - watch out folks - here we come! I will post pictures when we get it here - the ones from the dealer are ucky.

And tonight - open house at hannah's middle school. We will finally be able to go in and see the brand new school!