Thursday, September 20, 2007


Today is cleaning day. So I am procrastinating.

We got the camper yesterday. Got to the lot at 10:00am. Did a walkthru/orientation till 12:30. Made a list of needs/want to be fixed on it. Paid for it, went to lunch, hung out. They finished at 4pm.

Hannah gets home from school at 3:45. She was warned that we MIGHT NOT be home when she got there and boy was she excited. Her first time ever coming home from school and being on her own. So I was not whacked out that it was 4pm and we were still on the camper lot. Just slightly out of whack - LOL.

Came home and it took hours to level out the camper in our backyard - that gently sloping giant hill/mountain that we live on.

Finally finished up at 7pm!

But the camper looks good. We had them repair the couch, oven was not working, couple of stops for the beds were stripped, a light was out, some edging was loose, some velcro was loose, the outside hose bib was replaced, the hitch needed a ball caps, the stabilizers needed feet, etc...

A lot of little stuff for a used camper and they fixed it all. No questions. Pictures to follow - but right now I have to go and clean my house.