Monday, March 15, 2010


March color challenge is brown.

I am tired of brown.

Looking for some green and yellow.

Yes, yellow = forsythia = spring.

But here is some boring ol' brown....

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

black boards

I had a show this past weekend in Mooresville - Unique Creations. Kinda slow. But I made lots of contacts.
My booth was an 8x10 which is about 2 feet smaller than normal. But I was able to use my display boards...

remember them?
But I've painted 2 black and one red. Here are the black ones...

I am very happy with how they looked. But I think I need a 3rd one to make it more of a wall. And another red to put back to back so you can see images coming both ways.

I also found something I really like - display graphics that are vertical and be broken down into pieces.

But mine cost me about $12 each, these are $90 each. So for now, I will stick to my homemade ones!


Came home the other night...cold....huge moon shining on the lake.

I grabbed the camera and headed outside. But it was too cold to go further than the driveway. And I was too lazy to grab the tripod to get a decent shot.

So I got this....

plus about 20 really really blurry ones. Like this....

Next time - tripod!

band concert 02.23

Last week was a band concert for Miss H.
I took my NEW camera and wanted to crank up the iso.
First image ISO is 2500
Second image ISO is 1600.
I did absolutely no sharpening, noise reduction, anything but crop to these first 2 images.

Now....I was going to use the camera for HD video....but I had no clue how to do it.
Note to camera manual

Image 1 - getting ready

Image 2 - performing


Final image - with her bud after the show...