Monday, April 23, 2007

back in the saddle again...

So, it has been a few weeks since I have posted -sorry. I finally fixed my &%$# wireless connection so it stops dropping me every 3 minutes. I either had to toss my laptop out the window or fix the connection. Thanks to the power of the internet and google searches, I finally discovered to disable WZC in windows and change the channel in my wireless router. Anyway I seem to be back in business!

Spring break flew by here - hannah did not have lots to do since I was working most days. But she did fit in a double sleepover so all was not terrible. Chris' truck was in the shop so there was lots of shuttling around.

I am training my replacement so i figure another week or so and I will be officially at home working for FCI 5 days a week!

The weather has really turned here - 80 today. Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning off the pollen from the screened porch while Chris cleaned up the boat. Hannah and a friend swam in the lake. Brrr.... Anyway, we finished the chores and then spent a little time on the lake, enjoying the beautiful weather. After a roller coaster ride weather wise in April, we are hoping for some spring weather and not just a jump right into hot summer.

For those of you following the diet/exercise plan - Laurie and I have till may 15th for our 1 year makeover. For me this was to lose 20-30 pounds and exercise consistently trying to get my chloesteral (sp?) down. So, with 30 days to go, I have another 4 pounds to hit the 20 mark. And I am going to get there by goodness. Watch out Laurie - I will be in fighting shape when we visitg in June! Fair warning girlie!

And i will close with a picture from the first boat ride of the season - Hannah and friend enjoying the lake!

And how do you like this - an entire post without getting kicked off! I think I will celebrate!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Can't decide if I like the red or just having something on the window is too shocking....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

cats and cowbells....

Cowbell or catbell?
Poor cat.
A few months ago, Hannah bought Tiger a name tag for his collar. She has been wanting to put it on him, but since we superglue his collar on, we could not get it on.
So, while out shopping on Friday, we bought tiger a new collar, cut off the old one and added his new name tag.
Poor cat. The name tag clinks against the bell that is already there making him sound like a cow coming in from the field. He trots down the hall and makes so much noise! No stealthy sneaking on any poor critters now!
And this is not a good picture. All the ones with him looking straight on had the flash on and his eyes lit up like something from the exorcist. But you get the idea. Big heart shaped name tag. She could have at least gotten him something manly! Like a skull and crossbones or a paw print. But nope, he has a giant heart shaped cowbell on!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

and it is freezing here...

Forgot to mention - it was 26 this morning. Should be the same for the sunrise Easter service tomorrow. Brr....

Nature is so mean. Give us a week of 80+ then toss us some cool weather. Play with us, get everyone to plant their flowers (except me, I do know better), get those shrubs blooming and BAM!

t-shirts and flip-flops...

So I had an epiphany the other day. I no longer need to buy work clothes. I can wear whatever I want to work. Well, in a few days that is when I am working solely for FCI.

I was actually at home, trying to decide whether to keep a couple of pairs of black heels.... hmmm.... not quite dressy enough for dressy, not casual enough for jeans but perfect for work pants. Should I keep them just for work? And I realized, I no longer really needed work pants. I was free.

So - what exactly would my new work attire be? After considerable consideration (at least 3 minutes) I decided on funky T-shirts and flip-flops. Perfect.

So I went on a hunt for funky t-shirts. Founds lots, found none that looked good on this 45 year old body. I am not longer 21, right? But flip-flops I did find. Tevas, nike, addidas.....and more. Bought me some orange Tevas and blue nikes. Could have bought 3-4 more.

Came home happy - I am prepared for my new job!

Then I remembered - April is supposed to be my self-imposed no spending month.
6 days into April and I forgot. But I got me some flops!