Saturday, April 07, 2007

t-shirts and flip-flops...

So I had an epiphany the other day. I no longer need to buy work clothes. I can wear whatever I want to work. Well, in a few days that is when I am working solely for FCI.

I was actually at home, trying to decide whether to keep a couple of pairs of black heels.... hmmm.... not quite dressy enough for dressy, not casual enough for jeans but perfect for work pants. Should I keep them just for work? And I realized, I no longer really needed work pants. I was free.

So - what exactly would my new work attire be? After considerable consideration (at least 3 minutes) I decided on funky T-shirts and flip-flops. Perfect.

So I went on a hunt for funky t-shirts. Founds lots, found none that looked good on this 45 year old body. I am not longer 21, right? But flip-flops I did find. Tevas, nike, addidas.....and more. Bought me some orange Tevas and blue nikes. Could have bought 3-4 more.

Came home happy - I am prepared for my new job!

Then I remembered - April is supposed to be my self-imposed no spending month.
6 days into April and I forgot. But I got me some flops!