Monday, April 23, 2007

back in the saddle again...

So, it has been a few weeks since I have posted -sorry. I finally fixed my &%$# wireless connection so it stops dropping me every 3 minutes. I either had to toss my laptop out the window or fix the connection. Thanks to the power of the internet and google searches, I finally discovered to disable WZC in windows and change the channel in my wireless router. Anyway I seem to be back in business!

Spring break flew by here - hannah did not have lots to do since I was working most days. But she did fit in a double sleepover so all was not terrible. Chris' truck was in the shop so there was lots of shuttling around.

I am training my replacement so i figure another week or so and I will be officially at home working for FCI 5 days a week!

The weather has really turned here - 80 today. Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning off the pollen from the screened porch while Chris cleaned up the boat. Hannah and a friend swam in the lake. Brrr.... Anyway, we finished the chores and then spent a little time on the lake, enjoying the beautiful weather. After a roller coaster ride weather wise in April, we are hoping for some spring weather and not just a jump right into hot summer.

For those of you following the diet/exercise plan - Laurie and I have till may 15th for our 1 year makeover. For me this was to lose 20-30 pounds and exercise consistently trying to get my chloesteral (sp?) down. So, with 30 days to go, I have another 4 pounds to hit the 20 mark. And I am going to get there by goodness. Watch out Laurie - I will be in fighting shape when we visitg in June! Fair warning girlie!

And i will close with a picture from the first boat ride of the season - Hannah and friend enjoying the lake!

And how do you like this - an entire post without getting kicked off! I think I will celebrate!