Sunday, April 08, 2007

cats and cowbells....

Cowbell or catbell?
Poor cat.
A few months ago, Hannah bought Tiger a name tag for his collar. She has been wanting to put it on him, but since we superglue his collar on, we could not get it on.
So, while out shopping on Friday, we bought tiger a new collar, cut off the old one and added his new name tag.
Poor cat. The name tag clinks against the bell that is already there making him sound like a cow coming in from the field. He trots down the hall and makes so much noise! No stealthy sneaking on any poor critters now!
And this is not a good picture. All the ones with him looking straight on had the flash on and his eyes lit up like something from the exorcist. But you get the idea. Big heart shaped name tag. She could have at least gotten him something manly! Like a skull and crossbones or a paw print. But nope, he has a giant heart shaped cowbell on!