Saturday, September 22, 2007

camper photos...

We are pretty happy with it. Hannah had a sleepover in it last night - says it works just great! Went out at 8:30 to watch a movie, they played college dorm room all night, went to bed at 10pm and got up at 6am. I think this is her new playroom. Not.

In the backyard with both beds popped out. The entry door is at the rear and the awning covers about the entire side (not pulled out, too many trees). Trailer length with beds in is about 21'.

From the rear looking to the front queen bed. The couch on the left is a slide out, the dinette on the right folds to a bed if needed.

From the dinette looking to the back bed. On the right is fridge then wardrobe then bathroom. You can see the back queen bed at the very end. On the left is the kitchen with drawers, sink, microwave and oven. One of the reasons we choose this camper was for the long counter space.

A long view from the door, the back bed is behind me.