Thursday, January 17, 2008

i am a wuss...

Did I spell that right? Wuss? Hmmm....not woss, not wuzz.... must be right. Anyway, I freely admit that I no longer like the cold and am wussy.

It has cooled down here. It was in the 40's yesterday! Yikes, I just wanted to stay in the house by the fire.

I remember when we first moved here....I would laugh at everyone whining about how cold it was when the temperatures dropped below 50. Now I am one of them. And I readily admit it.

This morning when we woke up it was snowing. Well, when Chris got up. It turned to rain at 5am so by the time I got up, it was rain.

Hannah had a friend spend the night so I was relieved of the "lets go out and play in the snow and freezing rain" duty. They are out for the second time this morning and this is what it looks like out - and yes, it is that dreary looking out:

Right now they are mad because Chris and I will not let them shovel snow off the street. Too dangerous around here.

in other news....
Tomorrow we are going out again to look at living room chairs. To Hickory this time. If we cannot find anything we will order a couple of these which are super comfy and rather afordable. But they take 6 weeks to get:

And while we are there we'll look at washers and dryers too. Because that is really what is needed most right now.

And hannah has asked we re-do her room. She was tired of the butterfly decor - too little girl for her. She wanted to return to the animal print - just not so overwhelmingly printy.

We are calling it design remix. Using what we already have. We are getting good at it - so far she was butterfly, then animal print, then back to butterfly and now animal print again.

So I got a white comforter and some red sheers for accents. All done except she wants some sort of picture over her bed. Photos to come soon. After it is picked up from the sleepover last night.

And I have informed her that I am not longer sewing curtins for her room. I spend hours sewing them then she wants something new in 6 months. Tough luck girlie, I am done.

But I do understand the desire to change up your room and feel like it is more "you". So I am willing to change and redecorate as long as she does not expect to spend a ton each time. So far - the butterfly quilt was $25 and the zebra was $30 so we have been pretty conservative. With the new white comforter she can change the pillows, add a throw and it can change.

Off to heat up lunch for the artic explorers. Happy snow day all!