Wednesday, January 30, 2008


• It is finally warming up here. Around 50 which is a little below normal. But we are glad to have it back!

• Tiger got beat up by a squirrel on Friday. But he won, since we found the dead squirrel at the back door. Still, he seemed tramatized and he spent all day Saturday in the garage and would not come out of his bed, even to eat. Wimp.

• I need new tires on my car....seems like it was just 30,000 miles ago that I got new ones. Wait, it was.

• We discovered that when we head to Disney in June it will be in the middle of "gay days". Not sure if we really want to get in the middle of that. Maybe Sea World will be better?

• Hannah has basketball on Saturday at 1:30 then Cotillion at 4. It will be a run around day for sure! Game, shower, dance. Chris has to go for the last 1/2 hour and learn her dances with her. Think I can sneak a camera in??

• We have a 3' by 20' layer of cork on the basement floor. Now only about 33 more to go.

• Think I've made a decision on a new washer and dryer? Nope. But close. But I guess new tires come first in line.

That about sums it up!