Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...and a happy new year....

Goodness! It is 2008! Happy New Year to all!

Hannah and I met Julie halfway today -at a mall in south Charlotte. We did some shopping, gabbing, had a little lunch. Lots of fun but three hours is never enough. BTW, Julie is looking good!

Chris finished up with the basement kitchen today. Tile is grouted, sink is plumbed, appliances are installed, door hardware is on and the pendant lights are hung. Looks very very good. I will try to post a picture.....need to clean it up first.

Next in line is the cork floor for the basement. That means moving the couch and the air hockey table into the kitchen/rec area to open up one area completely. And the treadmill will probably be squeezed into the exercise room - ok as long as the tv goes too. Still diggin' watching my rented tv shows while on the treadmill. We are excited to be getting the basement close to finished. Of course, the cork floor will take a while. There is almost 2000 square feet to do. Adhesive in the floor, on the cork, dry to glazed, lay together, roll. Then seal when done. Lots to do.

Living room is now finished with construction....just need to finish purchasing furniture and getting the curtins sewn for it. Looking good.

So it sounds like 2008 is a year to finish house projects for Chris. He would like to get done and live in it/use it for a while.

happy new year to all!