Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry christmas rundown,...

Warning! Long Post!

Christmas morning. Hannah negotiated a 6:30am wakeup allowance for Christmas morning. At 6:25 we hear her feet hit the floor and she waited at the top of the stairs till 6:30 and came running down. Santa had left a nice new bike for her and she was excited.

But at 6:30am it is still dark out and by 6:40 she was ready to open stockings! Stockings took till, oh, 6:50 then Chris and I slowly opened ours.

She then was allowed to open 3 presents ( some movies and a watch from us, a purse from jim & kris). We then decided to watch one of her movies then have breakfast and shower/get ready.

By now, she was really ready to open presents. We did the rest of the presents, one at a time. Hannah really loved everything she opened.

She saved the biggest (as in largest box) for last and it was the blue man keyboard from Nana & Grandad. It took about an hour just to get it out of the box then she had a blast playing on it.

We pulled her away from the keyboard to go for a bike ride. Up to the church, into Sailview then back home. She was doing pretty well by the end.

Now, we were back home. She got on the computer for a bit doing webkinz with a friend who was also online. Then we called her down, told her it wad time to clean up. While cleaning up, I said - Hey, there is a present missing. Chris tells her to look in the tree. Huh? He had placed it on a branch. Why, daddy, why? It was her Wii remote. Lets just say she jumped for joy.

So the rest of the afternoon was setting up the wii and playing games then dinner then another movie then bed. All in all a nice Christmas.

Oh yeah, the cat had fun too!