Wednesday, January 23, 2008

design remix...

We have redone the redo on Hannah's room. What that means is that we took her existing animal print stuff, added some new things and put it all back in her room. No more blue butterflies. She is getting too old for that. Anyway we added a white comforter so it was not so dark and removed the white bed netting and replaced it with red shears. Here is the final version:

And over her bed - added a black framed bulletin board so she can change the print out as desired. Right of grandads safari images.

Friday was furniture shopping day for us. Looking for chairs, tables, sideboards, lamps and washer/dryers. We went to broyhill, bernhardt, kincaid and lazyboy factory stores. Then to the furniture mart where there is about 350 stores. Then back to bernhardt and broyhill. Then to sears. We bought 2 chairs and 3 tables. Here is hannah trying out the chairs in Bernardt:

Then Sat. we went back to pick up our finds. We then proceeded to buy 2 nightstands for the spare room and 3 lamps for the living room.

And here is our schtuff in the living room:

Another view showing our gorgeous built ins (and a bunch of junk pulled from the old):

Next in line.....deciding on a washer/dryer.