Sunday, February 18, 2007

kinda quiet around here.... {insert sigh}

Yup, mom and dad are gone. Left for home (got back safe and sound, thanks).
But it is quiet here. Too quiet.
Tiger is looking for them - I thinks he misses their laps.
Chris mentioned that it seems too quiet now.
Hannah said she had gotten used to them being here and misses them.
Me - I always hate the goodbyes. {sigh}

So, I will post a valentines day picture. Hannah and mom made a heart shaped cake. Please note the cake mix all over Hannah's face.....

And my valentines day present from my hubby... a FINISHED mantle!!!!

So I gotta run - time to cook hot dogs for the kidlets at church.

BTW - it is supposed to warm up this week - mid 60's by Wed. Sorry mom and dad.