Monday, March 19, 2007

the breaking of the board....

Ahhhhh, the breaking of the board.

So Miss Hannah had her second testing day for Tae Kwon-do on Saturday - 9am. (Testing is every 3 months). She woke up pretty nervous since for this belt she had to break a board.

The testing starts off with form for each level - white, yellow, green tip and green belts all were testing. After form, each belt did freesparing. Then it was board breaking time. Hannah looked like she had the flu - pale faced and scared.

The white belts were called forward - no board breaking for them at that level. Yellow belts were called - Hannah was the only one. So they pulled out a board, held it up, had her run and do a flying sidekick to break it. First one she hit it high. The Master asked - "Do you want it higher?" "Yes, Sir" . So they raised it a little, and off she went. Snapped it in half - BAM!! I gasped, Hannah looked shocked then really really happy. Note - they are given three tries to break. If they cannot do it in 3, no more chances till the next test in 3 months. I also have no pictures - I was afraid of making her nervous and she told me the camera was too loud.

There was only one more to break a board - a green belt had to do a standing break (versus running break). He got his on the first try! Test over. Hannah very very excited that she accomplished the hardest part - board breaking!
And here is her board in 2 pieces. It has been shown off very proudly around Denver this weekend, and dated with the kick noted on it - for a keepsake.

I am not sure about the goony look on her face though.....