Friday, April 25, 2008

the week that disappeared...

Friday, Friday already? What happened to Monday?

Monday - Hannah was home sick from school - bad sinuses and feeling yucky.
Tuesday - got a call from school and went to get H, sick again. On to the doctor and got the sinus infection diagnosis.
Wed - back to school for H but I babysat a 15 day old infant. A good buddy of H's is in the hospital for thoracic surgery. Her parents have a new baby and I babysat so the mom could spend the day at the hospital with Brittany. Then when Hannah got home we went into Charlotte to the hospital since it was Brittany's 12th birthday and she was stuck in the hospital. Birthday party canceled, and she had been there for 10 days now....poor kid.
Thurs - cleaning, groceries, laundry, payroll. Catch up day.
Friday - we had a school breakfast for the A honor roll then off to take pictures of a house closing today. Off to do up the move in basket. Tonight is family portraits at church.