Sunday, August 24, 2008

busy week

It's been a busy week for us. Back from the beach, unpack, laundry. Two days of confirmation classes at church for H. A friend over for the day while her mother goes back to work at school. Open house at school. Back to school supply shopping. The business computer crashed again - second time since we bought it 2 years ago and so I had to run out for a new graphics card.

And a dr's appointment for shots.

Yep. When H had her 12 year physcial, the doctors noted that she needed a series of shots - tetnus, measles, follow up chicken pox, etc.... for a total of 10 shots. One set of 3 had to be spread over a 6 month period so we decided on 4 shots in June, 3 in August and 3 in December.

So we went back tues for the August set of 3. Hannah started worrying about them on the way home from the beach. Really started to fret on Monday. Tuesday she was about sick enroute to the doctors. We get in the exam room.
"I need more time, give me a minute. Okay I am ready. No I'm not. I CAN"T DO THIS MOMMA, I CAN'T, I CAN'T."
"Yes you can"
"No, I can't"
"Yes you can, you will and you are." sounding more than a little frustrated
Okay, I think I will abbreviate all the discussion that went on here. Needless to say, H was a drama queen, I was not flexible. Momma finally wins.

So she gets her first shot and feels faint. Has to lie back and we raise her feet up in the air.
Wait 5 minutes.
Gets a second shots, faint again, lie back, another 5 minutes.
Gets third shot and we have to let her lie for about 15 before we can leave.

45 minutes later we leave the office.

Get in the car. Are you annoyed at me? she asks. About the fainting - no. About the working yourself up over something that is going to happen anyway, stretching it out so it takes forever instead of getting it over with - well, yes.

Then a song comes on the goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.....
Hey momma - she says.
Yes, Hannah?
Life goes on - right? I made it thru - right? I think next time I will do better.
Okay Hannah, next time.