Monday, September 08, 2008

stalking the mighty blue heron....

Went for a walk this morning and when i was almost home, I saw a blue heron sitting on my neighbors dock - 2 docks to the left of ours. I ran home, grabbed my camera, slapped the 70mm-300mm lens on it and ran back down to the docks.

And he was still there.

Now, normally when I do this, he takes off as soon as I come running and gasping anywhere close. But he let me shoot and shoot pictures of him. Of course the sun was rising behind him so they weren't great, but still.

So here he is - sleeping I believe.

Now I am waiting and waiting for him to take off flying.....I want to catch him spreading his wings...but I get distracted by my faithful companion, Tiger the mighty bug hunter...

and he takes off while I am not looking.

But wait! He flys over to the other side of my dock and perches right on the end of the abandoned dock. So I head over there and catch a few more shots. Once again, he just keeps hanging out, not worrying about me at all.

Of course, my faithful companion is still with me. Kinda of.

And I get brave and head down the dock. 2 steps, stop, shoot. 2 steps, stop, shoot.
Finally he decides enough is enough and off he goes....