Monday, February 02, 2009

and the bed goes where...

We bought a new double bed this weekend. Planned on putting it in the basement, turning the exercise room into the 4th bedroom.

After buying the bed, we figured, why put the bed in the basement where it will never get used and hannah wants it anyway. So.... instead of just putting the bed in the basement as planned we...

emptied out the exercise room
took down H's queen bed and moved it to the exercise room
set up the double bed in H's room
moved her computer desk out to the loft

and we still need to empty the craft room, move the exercise equipment in there and set up the craft area in the basement common area.

Here is H in her new bed glory:

And since I had not planned on actually using the bed, i did not have a double mattress pad, bed skirt or sheets on hand. But we made do.