Friday, April 02, 2010

Lincolnton Art Crawl 3.19.10

I know I am late with these...I posted them on facebook but thought I'd also post them here for the 3-4 people that read this blog...

A friend had access to a vacant building in Lincolnton, invited about 10 artists to participate and created an absolutely wonderful artsy showing for the art crawl.

Here is a walkthru just moments before opening the doors!

As you enter - on the left - Holly putting the finishing touches on her booth:

Straight ahead was Kae and Dene's work filling the walls:

Turning to the left was me:

Looking back at my booth:

Across from my booth was Emmett Poole's metalwork - loved, loved, loved his stuff!

Going on was Leigh Ann's then Warren and Stephen.

Janettes flowers and garden booth

Turning to the Right was JR and Lara

Then the food, it was great.

And ending back looking at the front door with Dene and Kae's work.

I am too lazy to resize all of these. You can get the idea. It all looked just fantastic!