Saturday, July 17, 2010

Smoky Mountain National Park - part 1

So in June we went camping to Smoky Mtn. National Park - stayed in the park at Smokemont so no hot showers or electric hookups.

We went up on a friday and came home Monday.

At the visitors center was an old homestead. The barn is original, all the other buildings were moved in from other areas of the park.

Hannah down at the river

Playing the lap harp

Someone is in my photo op

Now this is what I was trying to shoot...

Then on the way back to camp we stopped at an old grist mill...

After returning to camp we decided to take a hike - about 3 miles up to a hikers reststop.

Not officially on the Appalachian Trail...

The next day we drove thru Maggie Valley to the Catalochee Valley - where the elk have been re-introduced. It was winding dirt roads for the final stretch and very isolated. There was few people there, but we understand that in the fall when the Elk are mating and fighting the hordes drive in.

We were very lucky to see elk during the middle of the day.....while eating lunch

Then they decided to head to the forest and hang out along the river bank

Next to the picnic table was this old barn...can't you just see all the "letters' in that baby???