Saturday, January 06, 2007

she needed this purse....

Ah, the purse. A Vera Bradley purse. Friday morning, hannah asks - how much is a vera bradley purse? Well, I say, they are pretty pricey so anywhere from $30 to $200. The smaller ones may be $30. Why??
Well momma, there are some girls at school that have some so I'd like to get one.
Okay, if you want to spend your allowance money....

Fast forward to Saturday. We go to the mall. HAVE to look at some purses. Find a pink one for 30% off - only $20 but it is kinda small. I like the one for $38 but it is only available in ucky colors. So... I tell hannah that if she is going to spend a bit on a purse, she should get the color and style she likes even if it means spending more or having to wait.
Later in the mall, Hannah spots another VB store. Here they have the pattern she wants - blue. Well, the turquoise and navy is what she REALLY wants but it was sold out 2 months before Christmas. So big decision. Pink for $20 or blue for $29???
Obviously, it was blue.