Friday, May 30, 2008

the fish just don't like me....

We had a nice but busy memorial day weekend. Chris did some work for a children's home in the mountains, yard work and dock work. Hannah helped me clean, we went to see Indiana Jones, did some shopping, had a sleepover , worked 2 services at church and a friend over on Monday. I cleaned house and "supervised" while Chris worked on the dock.

One thing Hannah wanted to do this weekend was go fishing. So Monday morning about 8am we went on the boat. She has been fishing at the dock - where I feed the fish - and can basically just drop a line in the water and catch something.

Not so easy out in the lake.

Look who was watching us leave - and in the same spot when we returned:
Look who's all wrapped up in a towel keeping warm:

But while fishing it is warm:

No fish got caught though. Hannah says the fish just don't like her.