Thursday, June 05, 2008

poor confused little chipmunk...

This morning, Hannah is at the back door, waiting for her carpool ride to show. Tiger runs up to the door with a wriggling chipmunk in this mouth.

Hannah starts yelling "Ack, Tiger is killing a chipmunk. Help!"

So Chris and H go outside, Tiger drops the chipmunk (to show off I imagine) and Hannah fusses at him and picks him up. The chipmunk just stands there, afraid to move. So Chris shoos it off -" go on get out of here and live!".

The chipmunk finally decides to run. It takes off around the shop and moments later comes running back with Holden, the neighbors dog, right behind it. Of course, it has now run right back into Tiger.

There ensues a comic run around between a dog, a cat, an 11 year old girl, a chipmunk and me. The dang stupid terrified chipmunk kept just running around the shop. On one side he'd run into Holden, on the other Tiger. I finally got it away from the garage.....and it ran right into my neighbors garage. it is their problem....haha.

And Tiger was robbed of his snack. And Hannah went off to school happy that she had saved a chipmunk from a sure death.

All before 7:10 am.