Sunday, June 29, 2008

number twelve...

Hannah finished with volleyball camp on Wednesday and was leaving for soccer residence camp on Saturday the 28th - her birthday.

On Thursday - the morning was pick up day. We hadn't had time since school was out to empty the bookbag and also put away from Disney. So the entire am was pickup. Around noon, Amy came over to go out for a birthday dinner with us and spend the night. Before she got here, we opened presents - from Aunt Kris/Uncle Jim, Aunt Laurie, Julie and us. (she did have a bit more come in later in the week) Everything was a big hit!

The itunes card was soooo needed - her account was empty.
A check from Julie - woohoo!

This will get some use tonight I am sure! (that would be mariokart for the Wii)

And.......yes, a cell phone.

We had a nice dinner out in Mooresville and came home for chocolate cake (what else) - Hannah made the cake and decorated it!

Hannah and Amy stayed up watching movies. The next morning....this is what they did all morning: (hint -those are steering wheels)

After Amy went home, we had to pack up for camp. For dinner, Hannah wanted to go out on the boat and eat on it - so we did, barely beating the thunderstorms. Then we all stayed up watching Men In Black on the TV.

Saturday we had a quiet morning then headed out to lunch before going to Davidson College to check into the dorms.

All packed and ready to go!

Hannah waiting for her roommate to arrive. Looking like a soccer player!

So, she is now at camp till Wednesday. Her roomie is Sarah, a 6th grader from Charleston. As we left, she had 5 minutes till group meeting and she was sitting on her bed text messaging. :)

Hope she is having fun!