Tuesday, September 22, 2009

camping - mt. pisgah

We went camping over Labor Day at Mount Pisgah National Forest on the Blue Ridge Parkway. One of Chris' favorite places to camp - just ok to me. Maybe because they do not have hot showers. We left out on Friday and returned home on Monday.

On Saturday, reaching across Hannah's bed to unzip the windows, I popped my back out. Or bulged it, or blew it or whatever. It was a goner. I did a hike afterwards trying to keep lose (2.5 miles uphill to the firetower, probably not a good idea) but .... it was a tough weekend for me.

So a recap on the weekend - but I am short on photos...

Hannah immediately claimed the recliner.

This is why they call it the Blue Ridge Parkway...

Climbing trees...

...and playing on the DS

On Sunday we did something completely different for us - different while camping that is - and drove into Asheville and spent the afternoon at an outdoor arts festival. We walked and shopped, listened to music, browsed some books and had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom.

Finally it started getting too crowded for us (and my back was screaming) so we headed back to camp.

And the final picture....Chris and Hannah doing the dishes for me to give my back a break. Kind of a motley pair don't you think??