Monday, July 16, 2007

if only she hadn't started crying....

Well we drove hannah to camp. She was so excited! Ran in, signed in and went straight to her lodge. She is in Oak this year. The lodge is divided into 2 wings with a gathering room in the middle. Each wing has 6 smaller rooms with 2 sets of bunks in each room.

Hannah ran into Madeline from our church, grabbed a top bunk in her room and set up. There are 27 kids from our church at camp this week. Plus we have the adult bible study leader and the nurse (Madeline's mom).

All was well, but we spent too much time hanging around. By the time we left, she was pretty much settled in, some of the excitement was wearing off and the goodbye tears came.

Would have been easier to leave without the tears.

We will pick her up on Friday and head straight to the Harry Potter festivities!!!