Saturday, July 14, 2007

it's been a year already??

Tomorrow, Hannah heads back to church camp for the week. I cannot believe a year has gone by. Last year, it was her first week away from home. This year, it will be a little easier on all of us.

We now know to pack old grungy clothes. Last year she was afraid to get her clothes dirty so she wore the same shirt for the entire week.

We know that insect repellent is real important. Last year, she could not get the spray bottle to work. This year we have bought Off Wipes.

We know that she will miss us but can get thru that.

This year, there will be 27 kids from our church and 2 adults there. Last year there were 2 other kids from church there.

We know she will swim, kayak, hike to the falls, spend one night in the wilderness cabins, roast marshmellows, bible study, do crafts and eat like crazy.

We know it will be fun!

So, Hannah and I are off to label, sort and pack!

PS - I think I will add that the week is Sunday thru Friday. We will pick her up on Friday, come home, shower, then head to Barnes and Noble to start the Harry Potter book party. We will get her book around midnight then head home. I think I will enjoy my quiet week!!!