Sunday, July 22, 2007

sunday morning tears....

So we go to church this morning. On the screen - 4 little puppies. The story? As our pastor was walking her dog early this morning, she found a bin on the church steps with 4 abandoned puppies in it.

The puppies are in her yard next to the church. Our pastor is looking for some help, a home, maybe an in with a rescue society.

After church, all the kids go to look at the pups.

And Hannah falls in love. She ignores the fleas on it. Ignores the fact that it's feet are the size of mine. Ignores the fact that before she went over she was told "NO Puppies".

Tears, tears, tears.

But I will take care of it.

But I love it.

But it is soooooo cute.

But it needs a home.

As Hannah is falling in love, one of the ladies remarks - this reminds me of the church in Mooresville that had some abandoned puppies. It ends up they had rabies so everyone that took them had to get rabies shots!

Needless to say puppy came home with us.