Thursday, October 18, 2007

and the IRS comes a callin...

We are heading out camping tomorrow for the weekend. We do not know where yet - but somewhere within a 2hr. drive since H doesn't get home from school till 3:45pm.

There is a burning ban statewide so I want to go somewhere with electric hookups - that way I am not sitting around in the dark at 7pm twiddling my thumbs. Chris however, wants to stay in a National Park - no hookups. Hopefully we will decide before we pull out tomorrow afternoon.

We are supposed to be getting rain today. So far, not a drop. It is 85 and the sun is shining. NEED the rain.

When I return from camping, I will off the blog for the week. We are being audited by the NC Dept of Revenue for 2002-2007 (FCI is, not us personal) and I shall be busy organizing my files and tax returns. Lets hope this is not too lengthly of a process.

Then I will start drinking. :)