Thursday, October 18, 2007

clean shoes...

Yesterday, I decided to wash shoes.

On Sunday, Hannah and I went to a corn maze with Middle School Youth at church. 2+ hours being lost in corn and dirt - not my idea of fun. It just went against my type A personality to enjoy being lost. Anyhow....came home with filthy shoes.

So I pulled out my running shoes, slip on sneakers and the ones I wore Sunday that I keep my orthodics in. Washed 3 pairs and put them out to dry. 6 sneakers and 6 inserts all lined up in a row against the garage.

Hannah came home from school - "mom, why are all your shoes lined up like that?"

I explained to her why/what I'd done as I was admiring my spanking clean shoes and thinking how cute they looked all lined up and sparkling white.

"Geez, I hope they do not end up on your blog". {add sarcastic tone here}