Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So our tax audit is done.
Ends up it was the NC Dept of Revenue but they were only looking for unpaid sales tax.
Excuse me - we do not collect sales tax.
They were looking for items bought out of state that we did not pay tax on.
So, 5 years of invoices and found maybe - and I mean maybe - $2-3000 of goods bought without tax being paid - mainly tools purchased over the internet.
Hello - you spent a day here to collect $135????
But at least it is finished.
Now I have 7 boxes to haul back into the attic.
Should be Chris' job - Right?

Raining here tonight.
We may not go camping if it keeps up.
Instead, H and I will do her back to school shopping for cooler weather clothes.
And see a movie.
Chris of course, will work on his projects here at the house.
Or maybe we will end up camping.
We will see....