Friday, November 02, 2007

halloween, field trip and one to the vet


Hannah was going to be a cat. Then an angel. No a cat. No an angel. Ooops, this late we cannot find angel wings. Okay, catwoman. Hmmm...don't like how this looks......but I have this costume in my costume she is "your worst enemy". Huh? What is that - whatever as long as you are happy.
Here is "your worst enemy":We went to hannah's friends house - caroline - and picked her up to go trick or treating. Caroline was a devil - and was wearing high heels! High heels to trick or treat - girl you are going to regret this.
Here is a devil (in a red dress) and "your worst enemy"

field trip
Took a field trip yesterday to grandfather mountain. Basically right where we camped a few weeks agol. Beautiful day, nice drive, good kids. It was too fast on the mountain but the kids enjoyed it. I asked them today while carpooling - what was your favorite part of the trip? Riding the buses. Okay. Next trip lets just put the kids on the charter buses, drive them around for 2+ hours and call it good.

and to the vet
we came home from the field trip yesterday and went to H's room to open up some windows. Pepper was stretched out in his cage. Hi Pepper! Pepper? Uh Oh. His back legs were sticking straight out, front legs all curled up, eyes open and no movement. I shook the cage. Pepper? Nothing. I think his is dead. Rattle it again. Nothing.
So I go tell Hannah. Honey, i just went upstairs and pepper is dead. tears. crying. sobbing. I want to see him. So I take her upstairs and Pepper is in the corner of his cage kinds frantically pawing at his woodchips.
Pepper is alive! Wha???? I could have sworn he was a goner.
Hannah picks him up and in a few minutes is screaming - mom, something is wrong with pepper.
It seems Pepper cannot move his back legs. We put him in the cage, he is pulling himself around with his front legs, back legs dangling. I call the vet, bring him in and we will put him down. Sounds like he is at the end of his life span.
I talk to Hannah and yes, she want to put him out of his misery. He is alert but if he cannot move around....
We get the the vets. Pepper can now stand and walk. Barely, but he can walk. Real slow and cumbersome but...... so the vet thinks he had a blood clot or a stroke and is recovering. She gives me an anti-inflamnatory steroid to give him orally once a day. And how am I supposed to to that? And sends him home. Tells us not to give up on him yet.
Last night he ate his zucchini and made it up the ladder to his condo. I guess he might make it after all.
But it was a close one.