Thursday, November 29, 2007

put in my place....

On Tuesday, our neighbor came over to talk to Chris about house plans. He brought his 3yr old son and 6yr old daughter. These are the kids Hannah helped with for her summer job. So, the 3yr old walks in the house and immediately says: "You should come to my house. We decorated." (I am assuming he meant decorated for Christmas and not that I am in dire need of design assistance).

Then the 6 year old says "You STILL have pumpkins out!. Duh, it IS STILL November isn't it? Pumpkins and fall decorations are allowed in November right?

Since when did Christmas start in November? This really seems kinda early to me this year.

So I pulled out my outside stuff. Fake greenery. Yup this year martha stewart would be ashamed but I went with the fake stuff outdoors. Why? Because when the temps hit 70 the real stuff goes brown fast and the fake, well, it can stay up till easter.

So I have decorated my outside lamps and hung a wreath. No one can say we are not in the holiday spirit now!