Thursday, November 15, 2007

goodbye to Pepper....

Sorry to report that the hamster, Pepper, did not make it after all. He seemed to be at about 80% for a week then started to decline. Tuesday night he just huddled and shook, did not eat. Last night (Wed) he died.
Hannah could tell this was coming and asked in her prayers last night for God to do what was best for Pepper. So she is ok.
But she is now old enough that she realizes that his body must be disposed of. So we will have a burial service in the backyard today - if I can dig a hole deep enough in our rocky yard to get him in deep enough. And we will cover it with lots of large rocks so no critters can get in.

In other news....the leaves here are gorgeous right now. Any window we look out of there is yellow, red, brown, orange and greens. But the winds are howling today and leaves are falling fast. It is a leaf snow storm out there. Pretty but depressing since they will be gone soon. to dig a hole.