Monday, June 01, 2009

1 birthday girl + 7 friends = happy 13th

We had H's 13th party this past weekend. A little early but since she will be gone on her birthday we decided to go early and hold it while kids were still in school and hopefully could come. She invited 7 girls for dinner, playing at the dock then an "all nighter" in basement.

I tried to let Hannah really call the shots on this one. She wanted hambugers, chips and fruit for dinner. Then cake. Then lots of caffinated drinks, cupcakes, cheetos, pretzels, m&ms, jelly beans and dum dums for snacks in the basement.

Okay, so it was. The night started off with swimming and playing. Once again, the water trampoline got the action!

The neighbors had a paddle boat wash ashore so they let us borrow it. Seven girls was about 5 too many. It may look like they are moving but they are not. We had them jump off till only 2 remained and then they could paddle around. This was a blast - for about 15 minutes.

Eating dinner - who needs tables and chairs????

With 6 of the 7 guests (number 7 arrived at 9pm) getting ready for cake

A close up of the polka dot cake - can you tell we made it ourselves (LOL)

After swimming, dinner and cake at the dock, the girls went to the house and down to the basement. Here they played games, watched movies and ate snacks. There were some lound excursions outside with silly string....i am sure the neighbors loved us. This went on into the wee hours of the morning. Chris and I were not allowed down there except for random safety patrols.

At one point, I went down and the girls all had tissue papper on their heads and Hannah was opening her presents. They were all laughing and giggling and having fun - AND WITHOUT US. Chris and I were crushed - we are no longer needed at birthdays.

We let them have their fun and Chris and I went to bed at 12:30 - with the sounds of Get Smart blasting thru the surround sound...

The next morning, in the basement, about 7am....

We hope it was lots of fun...but according to Hannah, it was a big success!