Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the next to last day of 7th grade...

and there was a band concert/awards ceremony so I went to school at 1:30 to watch Hannah play then bring her on home.

First I must mention that the air conditioning in the school gym broke at noon today so it was not pretty. Well, it was hot and smelly.

The program started with school wide awards and recognitions. It ended up (unknow to me and hannah) that the county gave awards to the 3 kids that got state recognition from the DUKE TIP program. Hannah about ran up and back - she had on white pants with a stain from lunch (go figure!) and thought everyone was staring at the stain.... anyway, she hustled right thru but I managed to get a terrible photo:

The band finally played.

And of course, pretty quickly I got the evil "stop taking photos" look.