Friday, June 05, 2009

totally random photos...

Totally random today....

Hannah has been wanting to spike Chris' hair for ages. So earlier in the week, she pulled out all my gels and found some nice gooey sticky stuff and had a ball. Chris said "don't use anything that is stinky so I can sleep on it". Ha. No way could he go to bed with all this stuff in his hair.

Whattyathink - Sid Vicious or Edwards Scissorhands?

BTW - that man is such a good sport!

I love these shoes. They go with nothing I own which means they go with eveything, right? So when i wear them I am fashionably mismatched. Today, white pants and blue shirt and my ORANGE shoes.
For some reason they make me happy....

And finally, this weather is back. Yes, that is rain, pouring rain out there. Hmpf.