Monday, May 14, 2007

aaaahhh...mothers day...

So, mother's day. We had great plans for mothers day. Quite a few months ago, all the Fritts kids decided to get together in the mountains and have a bbq/picnic for mothers day. Let all the little cousins run wild, get to speak to each other without a table or waiter in the way and really enjoy the day. But....Chris' Aunt D'Ann had another stroke about 2 weeks ago and his parents have been sooooo busy with ICU - doctors - hospitals - rehab - insurance - etc.... They are worn out and canceled the day. Maybe everyone come to our house? Well, it did not work out. Chris' folks just wanted to get home to their own house and their own beds. Cannot blame them at all.

Which made our mothers day my choice. And what did I choose? Well, we went to church. And opened some presents from Miss H and a risque card from the hubby (mom - what is a sex goddess???) And planted my new herbs from the farmers market. And went out on the boat for nachos and beer. No Nachos, no beer but I settled for chicken quesidallas (sp?) and iced tea. Then some fishing down at the dock. Then dinner where I did not have to cook at all. And and evening walk to settle dinner. Not too bad, not bad at all. Enjoyed every minute of it.

And next week being the monumentous occasion of our 20th anniversary - we are heading out for a romantic weekend (ha ha - with the kidlet) to Blowing Rock/Boone in the NC mountains. But it is a getaway, it means no cooking and it means going someplace new for us. So we are all excited. I am planning on getting a new "wedding" ring for my anniversary but that means jewelry shopping and I am just not up for it right now. Sometime I will be in the right place, find the right ring and buy it. I guess I should add if it is the right price - I am married to a frugal sort of guy you know.

And I cannot end a mothers day post with out a huge HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my numero uno, the bestest of the best, my very own MOM! I wish I could see her today but luckily we will all be together in a month! Happy happy day mom!