Saturday, May 12, 2007

nothing was broken....

So thursday am - we are hanging outside before school starts - waiting on the carpool to arrive. Hannah is riding her Razor scooter around the driveway and sidewalk.

"Hey - let me ride that thing" I tell her.

I go up and down the sidewalk. Then I see the carpool arriving so I head into the garage. Somehow I manage to let the front wheel hit a spot where 4 slabs of concrete meet. The scooter stops on a dime. I however, do not.

I fly thru the air, head over heels. Somehow I manage to actually perform a roll and end up on my back. Hannah is screaming, the carpool is ready to drive over me and ........I start laughing and laughing.

Nothing broken, barely scrapped up but very bruised pride.
I am getting to old for this.