Monday, May 28, 2007

chris and the gps....

On Saturday, we went to Tobaccoville, NC for a graduation BBQ for Chris' niece Brandy. She was celebrating college graduation (finally!), her pregnancy and also wanted her family to meet the hubby's family since they have been married over a year and the families have not met.

En route, we thought we would stop and look at patio furniture in Statesville.

So, I pull out the GPS to get us to both locations. Now, I have travelled with the GPS and gotten where I wanted to go but Chris has not used it. And Chris, remember, is not very good at blindly following directions.

So.....we get started. The gps sends us on a small windy route but it seems pretty quick. Chris had decided on a different routebut decided to be adventurous and follow the GPS. So i had to listen to him commenting the entire way on the pros and cons of the gps. My way may have taken longer but it was straighter, less turns, less windy, etc....

THEN IT HAPPENED. The gps made a mistake.

It told us to make a right on Bandy then left on Gabriel. But there was not a Gabriel. It was Sherrils Ford Rd. There IS no Gabriel. So we missed the turn, it tried to correct us and send us down a dead end road. NOT GOOD.

Now Chris was not commenting but shouting - at me. I tried to tell him to go back and take Sherrils Ford Rd. So he finally did - after I told him to stop yelling at me. As long as we ignored the fact that we were not driving on Gabiel but SF Rd. the GPS did fine and got us to the patio furniture store then on to Tobaccoville with no problems. BUT CHRIS NO LONGER TRUSTED IT. He kept saying "I can't just blindly follow something that might mess up again". Argh. I was a mess by the time we arrived. Chris had no clue that he was complaining, whining and grumbling the entire way. I could not wait to get out of that car.

So, on the way home, I let him navigate. We did check the gps first and decided to go a different route because of NASCAR race traffic in town.

And next time.....maybe i will save the gps for when I am travelling without him. Not worth the aggravation. I forgot to factor in the Chris factor - sometimes he just has to be the one in control. Like when he is driving.