Saturday, May 12, 2007

farmers market in Denver...

Today was the second saturday for a farmers market in Denver. Last Saturday it rained so that one should not count. It is being held in the school parking lot so it is only 4 miles from the house. I went by today and bought STRAWBERRIES! Not real large - our cool spring weather kept them small - but this should be enough for a pie!

Then I got some herbs - purple basil, lime basil, reg. basil and cilantro. Then some organic pork sausage for Mr. Chris. Then I stop and bought a bouquet of flowers from a little Laotian man from Lincolnton with 6 acres of flowers and a couple green houses. he grows everything he sells and if you bring a vase he will arrange the flowers for you.

Not alot of vendors but if people will come, more vendors will come. And if more vendors will come then more people will come. And as the weather warms, more local produce will be available.

This is very cool!