Friday, July 11, 2008


Heading off in a few hours to pick H up from camp.
We have had huge thunderstorms every night that she has been gone.
We are pretty sure she has had some fierce ones in the mountains too.
I am not sure how waterproof her chicken coop, er....cabin, has been.
I think she will be happy to get home to a hot shower, queen bed and tv.
On that note, we decided not to go camping this weekend - it has been raining hard every afternoon for about 10 days now.
Camping is not fun in hail, thunder, lightning and torrential rain.
Nope, no fun.
Next weekend - hopefully this weather system will be gone and we will go camping.
And tomorrow is Chris' birthday.
Since we will be home he will probably be mowing the lawn or working on his never-ending-to-do-list.
Happy birthday anyway.